How mobility can help you sustain your business model

Want to grow your revenue by 10x times?

Are you unsure if Mobility can outgrow your potential growth?

Do you think Mobility is unnecessary for your processes?

Is your revenue generation on the decline and you’re unsure about technology?

Those are a lot of questions to cloud your mind, but in this article we are all set to explain you how mobility can help you grow your business by 10x times!

What is Mobility Management?

Mobility Management is the set of people, processes and technologies focused on managing mobile devices, mobile apps, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business context.”

The world is constantly evolving and along with it is the sustainability models for businesses. While you are being apprehensive, more and more companies are focusing on mobility driven solutions. In the market adorned with cut throat competition, the most probable savior for your firm are mobility solutions and applications.

Successful business solutions rely on a number of technologies to handle work. Mobile Applications can be effective solutions in the business work space by enabling employers to monitor process events, perform tasks, and collaborate with others. Even if you have deployed numerous protocols to improve worker productivity, you need some means to facilitate the overall process management so as to know what to do next.

Mobile applications enable effective management of processes, employees and other sectors on a single platform. If the resources are available on a single unified mobile network, such applications can spur your organisation’s overall productivity and hence revenue generation.

Voila! Seems quite simple in theory, doesn’t it?

So, what are the practical applications?

Let us turn our eyes towards the transport industry.

At a higher level, in companies that transport goods, mobility reflects the very nature of the business. Package delivery services like UPS and FedEx are inherently mobile, moving parcels non-stop. For them, it’s vital to provide mobile capabilities to track personnel, equipment as well as customer packages. Without a strategic mobile infrastructure, it would be impossible to know when goods were picked up and delivered or where they were in the system until the end of each working day.

How can Mobility Increase Productivity?

Enterprise mobility improves productivity by providing the required information on the go. With more focus on customer responsiveness and employee productivity, it is necessary to take your business to the next generation of technology usage.

So, yes, we agree that it increases productivity. But is that all that we can expect from Mobility?

Can we expect more?

Brace yourselves as the list goes on to increase!

Enterprise Mobility can also provide you with:

1. Better resource allocation
Better allocation of resources increases profitability. With real-time tracking of the orders and shipments, managers can dynamically reassign workers to different jobs to optimize efficiency and meet demands. This results in improved customer satisfaction due to increased levels of responsiveness, improved employee utilization, and lower related costs.

2. Effective partner participation
Making the relevant information accessible to your partners on multiple devices can enhance the productivity and efficiency across the value chain. By providing your partners all the necessary information you can help them in quicker decision making and allow them to participate in business transactions at their convenience.

What else can you expect?

1. Secure Devices: Remote Locking, Data Wipe, Password policies and other services will help keep the devices secure.

2. Channeling Softwares: Remote application installations, upgrades and software patches will ensure all the tools are available everywhere round the clock.

3. Location Access: Real-time location tracking will provide on the go surveillance to authorities.

4. Device Health Monitoring: Integrated and real time health monitoring will allow employer to monitor employees in risky conditions.

5. Remote Support: Remote Control and Remote Screen view will allow seamless assistance without much limitations.

6. Device Blocking: Option to black-list and white-list applications will ensure security on devices.

7. Device Unification: Device Management based on geography and constant adaptability to changing requirements will be much easier.

So far we have spoken about all the advantages, but like most things, Mobility also comes along with a ‘disclaimer’.

With Mobility comes the threat of security risks.
But, if you hire the right organisation with an expertise in implementing mobility solutions, your headache of security risks can be minimized and can almost be negligible.

Now that we have highlighted the major risk involved with adopting mobility solutions, let us concentrate on a few more Pros you can achieve as well:

Data security: An Enterprise Mobility Management solution allows IT managers to control the flow and use of data on employee’s device. Access to data can be managed easily and unauthorized use (in case of device theft/loss) can be prevented by remote device lock/wipe.

Employee Vigilance: IT managers can keep a track on device location, activities performed, applications used, and other measures of on-field workforce’s productivity.

Anytime, anywhere business: Mobility allows for flexible business with employees serving customers on-field with required service data and files pushed by IT managers from a fixed office location.

Enterprise mobility solutions can reduce the complications of burdensome duties, and are an excellent option for the businesses that move along geographical areas. It can help the organizations beat the time distinction and stay connected all the time, increasing business flexibility.

While adopting enterprise mobility may seem daunting, mobile enterprise software solutions assist organizations in connecting entire teams quickly and easily. The best enterprise mobility software solutions enable enterprises to better manage and optimize business resources in the field, including seamless interaction between field workers, office staff, and back-office functions.

So again, we ask the same question to you.

Do you still think Mobility is unnecessary for your processes?

It is an investment that will save you lots of revenue in the long run.

You can still be apprehensive, but ponder about it and give up on the idea and repent later.

Or you can talk to us today and we will help you understand the possibilities of mobility in your organisation.



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