Best Tutorials for React JS and React Native for Beginners & Professionals

Are you looking for reliable tutorials for learning React Native? You have just found the right resource library for learning React Native. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to learn React Native app development smoothly.

React Native: An overview

React Native is a mobile app development framework which can be used to build both Android and iOS apps. Facebook launched React Native as an open-source technology that is available to everyone’s disposal.

React Native is in demand for mobile app development as it allows one to build apps at a very fast pace with almost native performance. It provides a great extent of flexibility to the mobile app developers. With the flexibility React Native provides, you can pick any IDE/text editor for writing a React Native app. You can build some part of your app using native code and rest of the part with React Native app.

Isn’t that an awesome feature?

An added benefit is if you already know Javascript and React, then you will quickly be able to grasp the concepts of React Native and become a React Native developer in a very short span of time.

Still not sure why you should take the plunge and learn React Native?

Honestly, in today’s time, React Native is one the hottest technologies and is used by influential brands such as Facebook, Tesla, Instagram, Skype, Bloomberg, Walmart, Uber, and Pinterest, to name a few. If you are looking to grow in your software profession, then React is a skill worth investing in.

Here are some of the best React tutorials that will help you hone your skills:

1) React 16.6 — The Complete React Native Training

The course is comprehensive with around 33 hours of material with Maximilian as the instructor. He is a great instructor and explains every concept in-depth which makes this program very effective for beginners. This course comes with up to 160 downloadable external resources that can help students learn React development effectively.

Maximilian Schwarzmuller is a very proficient teacher who has taught over 200,000 students professionally. This course is offered on Udemy and has real-time practical projects to apply the course learnings.

Following are the key features of the course :

  • It is a course for beginners and covers topics from basic to advanced level.
  • Along with in-depth concepts of React, additional libraries used with React are also taught such as Redux.
  • Prior Front-End framework is not necessary.
  • Maximilian is one of the top instructors on Udemy, so that’s another plus.
  • It is also suitable for developers who want to learn React development with intermediate to advanced level of experience.
  • This course holds a considerable level of popularity among the beginners.

What will you learn in this course?

  • The basic concepts of React like syntax and base features
  • The ways to output lists and conditional content
  • Redux: from Basics to Advanced level
  • High-level component features of React
  • Deployment of React Apps
  • Introduction to Unit Testing
  • Forms and Form validation in React
  • Styling components
  • Authentication using React

Find more details about the React course here.

2. Modern React with Redux

Modern React with Redux is created by Stephen Girder, an expert in React and builds front-end applications for top corporations. This course is a great choice for beginners who want to learn React development. It is hosted on Udemy and is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars and has about 39 hours of video lectures. This course is updated from time to time and is suited for both beginners as well as experienced professionals. This course focuses on design principles and enables students to get deep insights on how apps are designed using React.

Following are the key features of the course:

  • Delivers the basic concepts of React
  • Covers React’s custom markup language i.e. JSX
  • Provides coding exercises to help you apply what you have learned
  • You will learn about ES2015 syntax in the course
  • Custom diagrams to gather a better understanding of React and Redux

What will you learn in this course?

  • The basic understanding of React
  • In-depth understanding of React at the source code level
  • The way to build reusable components in React
  • Varied techniques of deployment
  • Varied methods to build UIs
  • The knowledge of the in-demand styling libraries
  • How to integrate React with other APIs like Geolocation APIs?
  • How to handle forms in Redux?
  • Asynchronous actions with React and Redux.

Find more details about the Modern React with Redux course here

3. React.js: Getting Started

This course is hosted on Pluralsight with the instructor Sameer Buna who has an immense level of experience in web and mobile app development. This is a training course for beginners which starts with basics of React and advances to teach students how to build an in-browser interactive game with React.

Following are the key features of this course:

  • The course focuses on the UI abstracted from DOM
  • It instructs on how to use the one-way data flow of React
  • Delivers intel on how to build an in-browser game which will provide experience for developing projects.
  • Teaches how to put React components to use from a practical perspective.

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to build an in-browser game
  • How to use reusable components
  • How to work with JSX and event handlers
  • The way to use state properties of components
  • How to work with real data using GitHub API
  • How to take input from the user
  • Communicating between different components
  • To use React’s one-way data-flow
  • How to manage the application state

Find more details about the React.js course here

4. Front-End Web Development with React

This course is hosted at Coursera by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with Jogesh Muppala as the instructor and is a part of Front-End development specialization. Though it’s a package, this course can be used to understand the basic concepts of React. No advanced level experience with front-end development using JavaScript and Bootstrap is necessary to be a student of this course.

Following are the key features of the course:

  • You will get an understanding of the varied React features which include components and forms
  • You will be introduced to Reactstrap for development with Bootstrap
  • Advanced understanding of the Redux and the Flux architecture is delivered.
  • Learn to use Fetch for client-server communication

What will you learn in this course?

  • Flow architecture and introduction to Redux
  • Client-Server communication
  • React Routers and Single Page Applications
  • How to design responsive applications using React and Bootstrap
  • A quick tour to React animation
  • Use Reactstrap for web design
  • Combining reducers
  • How to design the architecture for a React-Redux application
  • Using the Fetch and REST API
  • Testing and deploying React applications

For more details on front-end development with React, go here.

Parting thoughts

Never stop learning. Be an opportunist and make gold when the time is right. Today, the IT market is abundantly seeking for React professionals. Now is the time to scale your career and equip yourself with skills that recruiters are in need of. Give the above courses a spin. May the force be with you!

If you would like to join us as a React developer or want to build an application using React technologies, then go here

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We are a UX design and Software development company and are passionate about creating cutting-edge technologies for businesses.

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We are a UX design and Software development company and are passionate about creating cutting-edge technologies for businesses.

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