Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or looking ahead to begin your startup but large investments in physical space worries you, then the next best solution is to consider a Virtual Office. With significantly low overhead and technology costs, virtual office space is a relatively cost-effective solution to traditional offices. A virtual office can even take your business to new heights especially if it is in a prime location like that of Bangalore. So, are you thinking how does a virtual office space work for your business? Well, virtual office space in Bangalore will give you many advantages.

A virtual…

But are you thinking to hire an internal team to develop the app for you? Or you are considering to hire a freelancer to do the work for you?

Well, then you must read on to know why choosing a mobile app development company is a wiser choice than the other options. Read on to know more -

Get Years of Knowledge & Expertise With a renowned company you get the benefit of their experience and exposure to different types of applications in the market. A company which is running for quite some time must have developed apps that are…

So, how will you choose the ‘one’?

Here are the Top 5 factors that you should look For In a Games Development Company, before outsourcing your project -

Company’ Portfolio Getting a synopsis of the company’s profile is crucial. You must go through their past projects, client reviews and of course social media channels to get a better understanding of the types of projects they develop. For how long they are in this industry is also a vital aspect. These are the first steps before appointing any game development company.

Range of Game Development Services

There are diverse games development…

So, are you a digital nomad, or a budding entrepreneur or a freelancer, who wants a space that will stimulate the creativity and productivity out of you? Or are you a start-up that is looking for office space at an affordable rate? Well, the answer to all of these is to be in a shared office space! And in Bangalore, there is no dearth of it, you will surely get your choice of working space. But if you don’t want to regret your choice, you need to consider some factors before choosing your working spot.

Here are the Top 5…

The hamburger menu is used as a navigation element on websites, apps, and programs.

The name ‘hamburger menu’ comes from its design: the design consists of a combination of three horizontal lines that denotes a hamburger. Likewise in real-world characteristics, the hamburger menu is known as a space-saving mechanism. However, the icon is not something that attracts a lot of controversies. For most of the designers, it works as a toolkit.

Now, let’s get into the hamburger menu and try to understand its functionality.

To start with, let’s discuss the subject itself:


The hamburger can be referred to a menu…

Artificial Intelligence in UX Design

Do you have a fear that AI is going to replace your job as a UX designer?

Well, guess what! That is not going to happen anytime soon. So, breathe!

If you had that doubt previously or you are now in doubt, don’t be! Sure, AI is advancing at a rapid and an alarming pace that might make human designers restless but the touch that a designer can provide is not anywhere close to the design results of an AI.

Yes, AI holds a great significance. The advanced tools that are available to designers these days are by virtue of…

Games are fun. They keep users engaged, excited, and thrilled. The best games are built around themes, characters, and stories. A perfect mix of these three ingredients makes a path for a great level of gamification. Our MD, Vishwas Mudagal believes that the best way to do so is by having a superhero captured in a theme with a great storyline. He also believes that India is a land of superheroes and epic stories, therefore there are a lot of opportunities for brands to create their own ambassadors and gamify their content.

In an insightful talk at Ad Tech event…

What are micro-interactions?

Remember the last time when you shut down an app and a sad smiley popped up?

Did you like the brief interaction that conveyed a message?

These interactions that you encounter in your everyday life are known as micro-interactions. Micro-interactions are those small bits that have only a single function to do — convey a definitive message to the user. The instances of quoting micro-interactions are numerous and they are so trivial that you use them in your daily life and barely notice.

For example, you hit like on a photo, that is a micro-interaction. You set…

Conversational UI — The Future

The mobile era has taken sharp turns in recent times. Remember the times, when you had to click on a certain icon or link in order to perform any task on mobile or computer devices? Today, we have upgraded to voice UI or conversational UI where you can just speak your requirements and get things done.

You might be stuck at some point in the past when Siri couldn’t catch your instructions right or when Alexa was offering limited functionalities. …

Your business needs the right combination of profitability and superior performance in application and website development. This not only helps you in your online customer acquisition strategy but also allows you to remain sustainable through economic development work. With GoodWorkLabs by your side, you get the perfect mix of competent PHP programming that results in a tremendous improvement in the visibility of your online business. All this without the exorbitant overhead costs of acquiring and maintaining licenses due to the open-source platform used by PHP. …


We are a UX design and Software development company and are passionate about creating cutting-edge technologies for businesses.

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